Bulls Jordan 5


Date: tbd

quantity: tbd


Our custom process is different than we have previously utilized. We have adapted a new system where we will be able to produce high quality products as efficiently as possible when available. The new system works as described: 

Our New process


The new system we have adapted will work similar to a typical sneaker release with a first come first serve system with limited quantities. Quantities will vary per release and information from dates, quantities, and deadlines will be posted on our social media's as well as in the section above. When the release time is met, our site will contain 3 different "packages" to choose from for custom work. The custom work is split into 3 packages depending on the design complexity, price, and workload.

Selecting a package

The custom work will be spread out into 3 packages. The first package will consist of a simple custom where the custom will have minimal designs such as changing the color of panels etc. The second package is a standard custom where the custom will have more designs such as logos, objects, etc. The final package will consist of a complex custom where the custom will have elaborate designs such as portraits, etc. The price of the package increases from the first package being the cheapest and the third package being the most expensive. 


When ordering, there will be a text box where the customer will list the name and size of the shoe that they are supplying, as well as the theme and or design elements they are looking to incorporate onto the shoe. The customer will then select what package they are purchasing. The customer will be asked to give contact information in order for us to work with the customer on providing a custom that accurately fulfills their needs.


After ordering, you will receive an order confirmation and receipt through the email listed on the order. We will then reach out to you through your listed preferred contact method so we can communicate to you during the process of your order. This will allow us to give you feedback on your order, ask questions on possible design changes, and help us create the best product we can. After the work is complete, we will notify you on when you will receive your order! From there you can enjoy your brand new 1 of 1 customs!

TERMS of service

Below are our terms for purchasing our work. When ordering a custom piece fo artwork the following terms apply to your order. Read below to learn more information regarding our terms of service. 


Payment for custom work is only accepted through the methods presented on our website when ordering the product. We will NOT accept any other methods od payment including Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, etc. 

design changes

Design changes will only be accepted within the first 48 hours of ordering the product. You can reach out to us when we notify you after your order to request changes or you can email us at: eastcoastcustoms2019@gmail.com

After the custom is started, no major changes can be requested, however minor changes can be considered depending on the change


Dates regarding when the package will be finished will be decided between us and the customer. Deadlines will vary depending on which package is selected. 


Unfortunately, we do not take returns on custom products. Our work is handcrafted and design for the customer specifically. Therefore we do not take returns on work but we will ensure that our work will meet your needs during the design process. 


Shipping will typically take around 2-7 business days after the custom is completed. If you do not recieve your order by then please notify us and we will make sure to resolve the issue. If you need to change the address of where your product is shipped, then make sure to reach out to us as soon as possible so we can ship out the product to the correct location.