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Established in Marlborough Massachusetts January of 2019

Our Story

          East Coast Customs is a Sneaker Custom/Clothing Brand located in Massachusetts. We started from the idea of promoting self-expression, which then inspired us to start our own brand “ECC”. Our way of doing that was putting 1 of 1 artwork on footwear that spoke to the client's personality and interests. We have put in countless hours striving to have the best quality product and spreading our message. We have grown much more than anticipated when we first created the brand, and we are constantly receiving great feedback about our work. We have been fortunate enough to make our work for high-level athletes, music artists, social media influencers, and many more. We have always kept our values the same from the beginning promoting creativity, community, and following your passion. We felt that in order to create a brand that was more than just a logo and products we needed our own personalities and interests to reflect in both our art and branding. We chose Sneakers as our canvas because of the connectivity it has with people and our passion for the NBA at a young age which led us to our interest in music, sneakers, and street culture. This is a big cause of our success. Our interests have so many unique and diverse aspects to them that unifies a variety of people and builds a following of people who are passionate about something. What is most important to us is that we use our platform as a positive influence on others in any way we can. When we first started East Coast Customs we had no idea how far we would get. We started off doing a couple of pairs for friends just to test it out and from there it just kept evolving. After the first few pairs, we quickly realized the impact our craft had on others. Immediately when the customer would open the box there was a feeling of excitement and joy that was difficult to replicate. The idea that someone could have a piece of clothing that reflects their personality and interests was pivotal to us. The reaction surprised us so much we decided to see where it will go. After we started to get going, it caught fire in our school. Word got around fast and we started to get orders daily, which we were then able to reinvest the profits back into the business and we grew even more. A few months into it, we started to build a following, and eventually started working on higher-end shoes from, yeezys, to Jordans, and so much more. Our work started to improve and reach a substantial amount of people in Massachusetts which eventually got the attention of one of the biggest social media outlets in Mass @wtwmass . They were very supportive of our new venture and we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to make them a pair for Boston Got Sole, receive significant promotion from their account of 180,000+ followers, as well as vend at their table.  It went so well that we gained 500 followers within the week. I think this was what really helped us get exposure because only a couple of weeks later we had gotten our first big customer. Bandingo YGNE, a rapper with millions of streams, reached out to us for customs. We immediately took what we were doing more seriously, and went to work and it wasn't long after that until we were able to get pairs to celebrities such as Faze Banks, NLE Choppa, Dont'a Hightower, and more.  Orders grew exponentially and so did our work ethic because we work day and night to get orders done and find new ways to market and grow. Boston Got Sole ended up being a phenomenal help in networking, due to the fact that we were a new brand under a roof with thousands of other people interested in sneaker culture. When we would go to the events we would get lots of attention from the start by getting recognized which led to us making connections and to more business. We even ended up doing more pairs for @wtwmass on multiple occasions and we realized as the quality of the art got significantly better, more and more people came back. We have had customers such as JC Banks, who has gotten 7+ pairs of work from us due to his appreciation for our work. East Coast Customs became more than we had ever thought in the first year. We experienced things we would have never imagined, built connections, and learned that if you aren't taking a risk in order to do what you love, you are wasting an opportunity to do something great. My one regret about all these experiences is that I hadn't started earlier. We continue to grow and see where this venture will take us. From the beginning of high school to where we are now, we have developed a community that we genuinely appreciate and put ours all into. We appreciate all your support.